Sunday, April 22, 2007

Episode 1

I hope you like it :)

1.) Main Menu
2.) Fingers
3.) Hello World
4.) Stereo Soundseeing: Music Building
5.) Ultra retro flashback: Legend of Zelda: Prelude
6.) Gamemusic 01: A Village
7.) Hysterical

VBR mp3 format

Please leave a comment, let me know how I'm doing!


Pozytywne Zacisze said...

Hello! Your music is incredibile. Fresh, strong, new, I didnot hear podcast yet. I find your music on Music Podshow Network. Thanks - hear you in my new podcast - "Music in my iPod"

Greg Sabo said...

Wow, thanks a lot!
Last night I posted just a ton of music to the Podshow Network-the newer stuff is actually first :).
I really love to hear my music on podcasts (not just mine, of course).
Now I just wish I could understand what was being said about the music on the voiceover... :)